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Chad Mackay

We are so proud and grateful to be associated with Unit himself, the man who needs no introduction in Australian CrossFit - Chad Mackay.
Chad is Australia’s most successful CrossFit athlete representing Australia and his gym CrossFit Active at the Games 4 times. His achievements include a top 10 finish at the Games and also leading the World to an upset victory over Froning’s Team USA in the 2013 Invitational.
Aside from these incredible achievements Chad is one of the most humble humans you will ever meet. Devoting his life to helping others improve, you feel inspired just being in Chad’s company.

Rory Boyden

Known for his incredible engine and short shorts Rory ‘The Rooster’ Boyden is one of Australia’s best CrossFit athletes. Twice placing in the top 10 at Regionals Rory is looking to take the next step and book his ticket to Carson. Rory is also the co-owner of CrossFit Creature, an avid reader and probably the nicest person you are ever likely to meet.

Ev Dalecki

One half of the incredible Dalecki Strength, Ev can be seen showing off her incredible mobility and gymnastics skills on her very entertaining Instagram. A three-time Regionals athlete, Ev is one of the most captivating CrossFitters to watch with her sublime movement and huge smile. Look out for Ev laughing uncontrollably at the bottom of a deep squat.  

Raph Freedman and Lachlan Rowston

The boys from The Mind Muscle Project and CrossFit Creature are two of the most prominent and supportive members of the Australian CrossFit Community. Don't let their commitment to business fool you, these two can hang with the best of them with a barbell in their hands. Subscribe to their podcast on iTunes, new episodes released every Monday.
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