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About Us

Living and training in Bondi Beach, surrounded by the surf, the sun, the people, everything has a connection to fitness. Hundy is about capturing that lifestyle, that aesthetic and bringing it to our community. 

Hundy channels people who love that summer lifestyle, having fun, but training hard. It’s for people who need their clothes to keep up with them, from the box, to the beach, to the bar. Comfortable, hard-wearing, cool.

So why did we start Hundy? Because after all, your threads need to support your lifestyle. They need to look good, feel great and stand up to the thrashing we give them. 

Yeah, we like to train, drink coffee, play music loud, and have fun with our mates but at the heart of it all is making good quality clothing that performs yet never sacrifices style.

Hundy is founded by Jay and Josh, two passionate CrossFitters. We wanted to explore something more stylish, less cheesy, and make things that we’d wear in and out of the box. There’s no fluro or flaming kettlebells here, just fabrics, fit and style that are bang on. 

These are clothes for having a blast, looking good and training hard.

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