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What We're Wearing with Jay (Designer)

What We're Wearing with Jay (Designer)

What We're Wearing with Jay (Designer)

Hundy was born when Jay cracked the shits at wearing substandard threads. Brands for the gym were trading function for aesthetics and Jay was mad that no labels ticked both boxes. That’s when he had a great idea – “Lets make cool clothes that perform well and feel great – we won’t want to take it off!”
 Hundy is made to look cool inside and out of the box but working out what to wear with it can be a difficult task. To give you the inside scoop we got the guy who knows Hundy better than anyone. Scroll down to get inspired by these three curated outfits by Jay, you’ll be the coolest in your box in no time.

Get Some Length

The Hundy long sleeve is tidy, Jay either layers it over a Tee or wears it by itself, as long as it’s on his back there’s no complaints. Cool mornings, warm ups, afternoon drinks, there's nothing this can't do. 
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We Love Muscles

Sleeves are over-rated and the Oatmeal Muscle Tank keeps your guns out in the air. This colour brings a feminine touch that keeps up with you Lulu addiction. 
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We Joined the Army... Yeah Right.

Inspired by the Cali heat this combo of the Hundy Military Green OG Tee and khaki shorts will keep you just as cool at the beach as it will the bar. Pair it with some sneakers and sunnies and bring it to life.

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