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We Know What the Dumbbell Movement Is...

We Know What the Dumbbell Movement Is...

...Well we are guessing

If your box is anything like ours everyone the barbells are gathering dust and there's a queue to get your hands on 22.5s. Every movement you can come up with is being tested, one more painful than the next.

To help we asked some of Australia's best CrossFitters for their best guess on what Castro's thinking for the dumbbell movement. 

Surely one of them is right!


Ev Dalecki - Overhead Dumbbell Lunges



Chad Mackay - Dumbbell Burpee Over Box



Haydn Wolfsbauer - Overhead Dumbbell Lunges



Rory Boyden - Alternating Dumbbell Snatch

Raph Freedman - Double Dumbbell Push Press



Isabelle Gosling - Dumbbell Thrusters



Lachy Rowston - Hang Dumbbell Squat Clean



Ahmed Eid - Dumbbell Burpee Step Ups



So there it is... 8 CrossFitters... 7 Movements... Hope it helps!




Thanks to Thuc from for the photos of Ev, Lachy and Army.

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