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Games Survival Guide

Games Survival Guide

Here are 5 tips to make sure that you are the most prepared member of the fittest crowd on earth.

1. Beat the Heat

LA summers are already hot, however they are even hotter when you are sitting in stadium, which has basically zero breeze all day long. With the sun pounding down on you all day make sure that you are regularly applying and reapplying sunscreen. Don’t forget to bring a hat (or head to the Reebok tent and buy one of those novelty Games straw hats) and some sunglasses, not only will this continue to protect you from the sun, but you’ll actually be able to see what is happening on the tennis floor stadium.


Be smart about where you sit. Unless you are looking to roast yourself in the sun for 4 days straight make sure you take into consideration the movements of the sun when picking where you are sitting. In the tennis stadium this means trying to avoid sitting on the east side and in the soccer stadium avoid the west side and try to sit high up on either the East or the South side.


2. Stock up outside the Stub Hub… but not too much

Grab yourself a coffee and breakfast before you head into the Stub Hub- unless you want to pay at least $20 USD per morning food and some coffee. While I highly recommend the iced coffees throughout the day (seriously the best) if you can grab yourself a quick Starbucks (the closest is 335 East Albertonist St, about a 4 minute drive away) beforehand you’ll probably save enough to buy yourself another top from the Vendor Village.

However on the same note, don’t stress too much about filling your backpack with snacks and protein shakes, the vendor village is full of them! Quest Bars, Perfect Bars and many more are all there giving samples (which you can normally go for seconds or thirds of), which tie you over between events. On the same note, don’t buy any water at the venue; there are normally drinking stations where you can refill your water bottles set up.


3. Getting there

If you have access to a car (and are comfortable driving on the other side of the road) getting to the StubHub pretty easy with Google Maps and a good Copilot, it is approximately a 40 minute drive from Venice beach area, 20 minutes from Long beach and 45 minutes from downtown LA, but don’t forget to take into consideration the notorious LA traffic.  Once you arrive don’t worry parking is easy, lots of space and bonus, it’s free!

If you don’t have a car or can’t be bothered driving, no stress Uber is ridiculously cheap in America (a trip from Venice to Carson cost us $35 USD split between 3), so get a group together and share an Uber up!


4. Stay Alert And Take a Selfie!

You never know who you might see while hanging around the Games, it felt like every corner you turned there was a well known athlete hanging out and chatting with fans. I was surprised to find all the athletes were super approachable and really wanted to engage in conversation. Pick your moments wisely but in general they are already happy to give a quick hug or take a quick selfie.  Check out the meet and greet, a great chance to get up close and personal with most of the athletes.


5. Vendor Village

Vendor village is the equivalent of Disneyland for Crossfitters, a place where all your fitness accessory dreams come true. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of stands and the crowds. But don't panic, even if something is sold out, things are generally restocked every day or half day, so keep and eye out and you will be sure to see your desired item back on the shelves.

Some highlights include; 

  1. The Rogue tent, make sure to check it out for some customised t-shits and your chance to try out the new Rogue equipment created especially for the Games. 
  2. RPM normally have a stand where you can create your own speed rope, have it made for you and test it out then and there with the experts.
  3. More interested in gadgets? Compex allows your to try all the newest in muscle stimulator and more. 
  4. Also keep an eye out on the Again Faster stage for some Weightlifting demos and signings form your favourite athletes  
  5. The guys from Wodcast Podcast can normally be found hanging out at the Kill Cliff tent, doing some live podcasts and interviewing athletes. Check them out if you are a fan.
All in all vendor village is where its all happening between events, there are contests, demos, classes, signings and more. 


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