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Our Story

Our Story

Based in Bondi Beach, Australia, we thrive on stylish street-wear inspired by active lifestyles. 

We know our designs are cool because our mates don’t take them off. We know our fabrics perform because the best in the game wear them.

CrossFit is our passion, people call us obsessed, but we know it’s just dedication. Chasing more, becoming better, we are here to challenge what has come before, we embrace change, we take action, and we live life to the fullest.

So why did we start Hundy? Because after all, your threads need to support your lifestyle. This is a lifestyle like no other, and now there’s a brand like no other. Yeah, we like to train, drink coffee, eat meat, play music loud, and have fun with our mates but at the heart of it all is making good quality clothing that performs but never sacrifices style.

Hundy is founded by Jay and Josh, two passionate CrossFitters. We wanted to explore something more stylish, less cheesy, and make things that we’d wear in and out of the box. There’s no fluro or flaming kettlebells here. Just quality fabrics and minimalistic design. 

We only began 2015, but we have big dreams. A tight line of tees and tanks is evolving into awesome collections. We are working hard to bring more understanding, more inspiration, more ideas, and more growth. And when you are doing what you love, you have a fucking great time doing it. They’re clothes for having a good time, looking good and training hard.

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