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Ev Dalecki on Balance, Training, Laughing and Gelato

Ev Dalecki on Balance, Training, Laughing and Gelato


We sat down with Hundy Ambassador Ev Dalecki of Dalecki Strength to reflect on the Open and look forward to the Pacific Regionals.

In 2014 Ev Dalecki burst onto the Individual scene with a 16th placed finish at the Regionals. She wowed the crowd with the most technically flawless handstand walk. A gymnast since before she could walk Ev grew up on the uneven bars. The gymnastics skills, flexibility and training mindset learned throughout her youth has made her a natural for the demands of competitive CrossFit. Her natural talents don’t diminish her incredible work ethic, day in and day out she can be found pushing the limits with her training partners at CrossFit Creature.

In 2015 Ev focused her goals towards the Team competition and an unfortunate broken rib on the final day of competition saw her begin the long road back from injury. As you would expect from Ev she came back more determined than ever to bring her body back to peak condition as the 2016 season approached. 

The 2016 Open is now behind us and Ev is ready to reinstate her name amongst the very best of Australian CrossFitters in Wollongong.  

As she prepares for the Regionals Hundy caught up with Ev to talk about her Open experience and her expectations for the next stage of the season.


Congratulations on qualifying for the Regionals. How did you enjoy the Open this year? What was your favourite workout and which was the worst?


Thank you! I loved the Open this year.  I thought the programming was fun and a great test of fitness.  Also, I didn’t let myself get too caught up in the Open. 5 weeks is a long time and if that the Open is the only thing you focus on, other areas of your life will suffer.  

My favourite workout was 16.2. 

My worst placing was 16.4 (44th place), but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I liked all the workouts. I guess that is the result of having an incredible environment to train in!


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You were one of the only top athletes to post their videos as soon as you finished the workouts. Why did you do that?


I wrote a detailed blog post on this topic, if anyone is interested, it can be found HERE 

The short version is:

  1. I believe that this is one way I can contribute to improving integrity in the sport of CrossFit, 
  2. I want to be a good role model for my clients at CrossFit Creature and Dalecki Strength 
  3. It also helped me to remove stress from my life during the Open. (the only exception being some of the videos took over 16 hours to upload!)


Why do you feel that the vast majority of athletes keep their scores hidden?


I think that one reason may be based on the belief that if the score is known by the competition it will be more easily beaten. I don’t believe that this is true. 

Here’s why. Most of us watch the live Open announcement in which we have the pleasure of watching a few of the Top athletes in the world complete the workout as soon as it is announced. We have the opportunity to learn from their pacing strategy, their break up of reps and find out their final scores. Does this mean we can replicate their performance?

Absolutely not. Why not? Most of us are simply not as strong or fit. Your performance ultimately comes down to every other decision you have made during the year.


For almost all of us the season has just ended. What advice would you give to other athletes wanting to qualify in 2017?

My answer would vary slightly from person to person based on current ability.  The pieces of advice that would stay constant for everybody is

Firstly, find a coach who you trust and have a conversation about training goals. Seek honest advice of setting realistic goals based on your individual ability and situation.

Secondly, set goals in other categories of life, which are important to you. For example career, relationship, health, lifestyle etc. Never neglect these goals to solely pursue a Regionals qualification goal. I believe if you aren’t working on goals in all aspects of your life, it becomes very hard to have a successful and fulfilling season of competition.




We are 5 weeks out from Regionals, how do you prep both mentally and physically now for Regionals? Any changes from how you train and eat throughout the year?


For mental preparation I just work on maintaining balance in my life. I try to attend some social events with my friends and family, celebrate their birthdays and prioritise quality time with my boyfriend.

Physically, the focus is on preventing injuries (thanks to the team at Balance Health and Performance) and getting enough sleep. 

Training is fun because now it includes a little more variety compared to Open prep. Raph Freedman and I are trying to coordinate a few training sessions per week together to which has been great. A session with Raph usually means I’m laughing for 90% of it. 

For nutrition I count my macros, most of the time. I’ve been doing that for a while so I have a pretty good handle on it without letting it interrupt my life too much.  I love food so I make sure I enjoy all my meals. My favourite additions are tomato sauce and jalapenos on almost everything! And of course I allow myself an occasional trip to Messina.


Tell us a little about Dalecki Strength. What can people expect to get out of your coaching and programs?


Dalecki Strength is a Gymnastics program for adults. I am a co founder of the company with my sister Kat. My life is what it is today because of gymnastics. Dalecki Strength’s ultimate goal is to enhance the lives of others through gymnastics. We believe that so much human potential can be unlocked through training the gymnastics discipline. It is our mission to empower people to be inspired by the amazing things that their own bodies are capable of, rather than the repetitive instagram abdominal selfies (kill me).

Receiving coaching or programming through DS you can expect a shift back to the foundations of gymnastics- no matter how experienced you are.  You can also expect discipline, hard work, attention to detail and as a result- fantastic results.  


Finally, what do you love most about your Hundy tanks?


They are classy.  Awesome for training, but also great as casual wear. It’s nice to get out of gym gear occasionally.  The Grey and white muscle tanks are my favourite! 


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