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Do You Want To CHANGE? Do Something GREAT. Are You Ready To Step Up?

Do You Want To CHANGE? Do Something GREAT. Are You Ready To Step Up?

Do you want to make real changes in your life? Are you ready to start again? Do you want to achieve something great? You can do it, of course you can, but it will be hard, really hard, and that's what makes the rut so damn comfortable, and so damn dangerous.

If you are willing to step to what you really want. You have to make the first step, reaction for reaction. Nothing is going to happen in your life if you're going to sit around and wait. Not because life's unfair, not because there's no opportunity, but because it can't. It's just not the physics of the situation.

If you really want to shake things up then you've got to do the fucking shaking. If you show the universe you’re willing to step up, and take on the risk. Embrace the opportunity and not let the fear stop you. That's when people will take note, people who are like what you want to be, around what you want to be closer to, they are near the source, and when they see you stepping towards them they are only going to want to open doors for you.

I’m doing it now, I’m giving it everything I have but I have a long way to go. Every morning I remind myself why I am doing this. So first things first, you need your why. Take your time on this one, it will come to you. When times are tough it will be the only thing you have to hold on you. It’s that important.

Second, you can't expect a rapid outcome, change takes time. Warren Buffett put it perfectly - "No matter how great the talent or effort, some things take time. You can't produce a baby in one month by getting 9 women pregnant, although I guess it would be fun to try."  Sure it would be nice if there were shortcuts, but the extraordinary takes real effort, it requires all of you.

I know you are working hard, but is hard work enough? Hard work is common, lots of people get up everyday and put their backs to the grindstone. Really it's just a prerequisite, a buy in to the grand game. From there the effort has to be efficient, directed and driven to something specific, and fuelled by an inspired purpose.

Yes of course it's possible to keep digging in that endless coal mine, hoping for that grand result some day. For now there's just a load of rock to sift through, a comfortable, repetitive pattern that never teaches, never startles, it is lateral and endless effort. For some that is ok, they are ok with that. But for some it's a damn shame. We cannot find change just moving through our life, at some point you have to pick up your shit and take it to the next level.

This is the most scary, most difficult and most doubt-filled step you can take. These are necessary steps, the things you are going to have to try. So don't delay, get going, restart, dream hard, branch out and find that thing that sticks to you, that makes everything make sense.

What's the worst thing that can happen? You've got to plan, work hard, discover something that is worth it, that you can love. You've got to take what you love and what you want to pursue and you can't stay in comfort zone, that won't do. You have to go way outside your comfort zone.

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