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Chad Mackay’s TOP 7 TIPS for CRUSHING the CrossFit Games Open

Chad Mackay’s TOP 7 TIPS for CRUSHING the CrossFit Games Open

Hundy had the opportunity to sit down with Hundy Ambassador and Australia’s most successful CrossFitter, the Unit himself, Chad Mackay.

Yesterday Chad shared his predictions for 16.1, the repeat WOD and who he thinks will win the Open. If you haven’t read Part 1 of our interview go back and read that now.

Today, Chad gives us his top 7 tips for how to crush the Open


1. Take Rest the day before, make sure to do a little something to keep your body moving, go for an easy swim and sand run or go to yoga, but stay away from any intense metcons or barbell movements. You want to make sure that your body feels well rested, but still alert, for the next day.

2. Have a game plan and stick to you it! Don’t worry about what other people are doing, think about what you can consistently do, create a game plan and don't change it mid workout. When it comes to the open, strategy is everything.

3. Work to your strengths. Don’t ruin yourself on your weaker movements, take your time, you’ll catch up on your strengths. 

4. It’s ok to redo a workout, but only if you approach it differently, learn from your mistakes and adapt. Don’t just hope you will do better or go harder.

5. Know when to rest and know when to push!

6. Hit the WOD with a big crew, crank up the music, get your buddies behind you and do the same for them. Your environment plays a big role in your performance.

7. This is the most important - Have fun! The Open is all about having fun and sharing it with our great community. Don’t get hung up on your expectations, enjoy yourself and you will achieve something to be very proud of.

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