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Chad Mackay Predicts 16.1 of the CrossFit Games Open

Chad Mackay Predicts 16.1 of the CrossFit Games Open

Hundy had the opportunity to sit down with Hundy Ambassador and Australia’s most successful CrossFitter, the Unit himself, Chad Mackay.

We took the chance to ask him his predictions for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open.

Hundy: So Chaddo, what do you think Castro has in store for us for 16.1?

Chad: The question that everyone wants the answer to as nobody can wait until Friday. I reckon it’ll be similar to 15.1 in that there will be more than 1 scored workout however, I think the surprise will be 3 workouts this year with each one scored separately. Something like a metcon, followed by a max lift such as snatch, followed by another metcon.  It would be good fun and sick to watch as it will test who can keep going over multiple workouts as well as test people’s strategy and game plan.

Hundy: What would you like to see as this year’s repeat workout?

Chad: I liked last years 15.3; Muscle Ups, Wall Balls and Double Unders.  It was well balanced and rewarded CrossFitters with high skills by having muscle ups featured at the start of the workout. Having Wall Balls and Double Unders was also good from a personal perspective as they’re good movements for me.           

Hundy: Now what Open workout would you never want to see again?

Chad: 14.3 was an awful one with Deadlifts and Box Jumps. Literally for the opposite reasons of 15.3, it gave no reward to well-trained and well-rounded athletes who work hard all year round. Any big strong guy could walk in off the street, step onto a box and pull an ugly deadlift.

Hundy: Any new movements this year?

Chad: I think we might finally see a burpee box jump. Perhaps something unexpected like 10m shuttle runs and for the RX division something a little more skillful like Bar Muscle Ups or Pistols.  Pistols have been introduced into the judges course so that might be a clue from HQ to what is coming.  Who knows what Castro could have in store that’s what makes the announcement show and the open so exciting!

Hundy: Who’s going to win the Open?

Chad: I reckon Khan Porter. Khan is so well rounded, so well suited to the Open and with his own gym he’ll have the right music, right people, right atmosphere to go HAM and crush each workout.

Hundy: Finally we know that you like a good game of ‘would you rather’ so, in an open workout would you rather:

Option 1: Wear whatever clothes you want but have to train in Vibram 5 fingers

Option 2: Wear whatever shoes you want but wear only a Borat Mankini?

Chad: Easy! Give me that Borat Mankini all day Bro!

Part 2 of our interview with Chad will be available tomorrow where we get some of Chad’s top tips on how to approach the open

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