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THE SECRET to SUCCESS - What’s your morning routine?

THE SECRET to SUCCESS - What’s your morning routine?


This is about the power of compound interest in real life. This is about making small deposits in yourself that down the track yield truly great results. It’s about that daily effort to create small things that will set you up for powerful change. It’s about your MORNING ROUTINE.

Show me a man with a strict, simple and focused morning routine and I’ll show you a successful man. Your morning routine needs to be the most important thing in your life, it needs to make you better. It may be training, it may be reading, it may be meditating, or it may be writing. Whatever it is it needs to be the first thing you do, it needs to be early, earlier than when you have to wake up.

Compound interest is the fundamental force that takes control when you make the decision to get out of bed earlier than you have to and you set INTENT for the day. It’s a declaration to the universe that you are making the effort that is required, and you are willing to do the work to achieve what you say you want.

When you wake up earlier than you have to you create a different attitude for the rest of you day and when you achieve something small these little things add up over time and I guarantee that over the course of a few weeks, months and certainly years you will have changed your life in profoundly unexpected ways, you will be wiser, more effective, you might have got your head around a lot of emotion you struggled with. You might have started a business, or written your own books. This is the POWER of compound interest at work.

Keep your life s ritualised, simple and focused as possible, let the power of compound interest take a hold and it will yield GREAT results.

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