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7 Podcasts You NEED to Live a More Meaningful Life

7 Podcasts You NEED to Live a More Meaningful Life

Hundy stands for living life to the fullest, a meaningful life of health, wealth and happiness. A never-ending thirst for knowledge and understanding is crucial to achieving a higher level of consciousness. Podcasts are an incredible wealth of knowledge and insights into those who have found their success and their meaning of life. Here are our favourites.
  1. London Real

    This incredible show introduces you to the most fascinating people on the planet for an inside look into how they achieved their success and how you can take your health, wealth and happiness to the next level.

    Where to start: Move or Die with Ido Portal. The catalogue is a who’s who of the names so you can start where you want, but for CrossFitters, Ido Portal will change the way you see movement.
  1. The Art of Charm

    Bringing together the best coaches, thinkers and mentors from around the world with the aim of helping you become the best you can be in business, love and life. The hosts risked everything in their early 20s to take their lives to the next level. The Art of Charm was to document their journey. Their guests have included Tim Ferris, Seth Godin and Ramit Sethi and their catalogue can only be described as an encyclopaedia of life lessons.

    Where to start: Episode 336 with serial entrepreneur, author and master of life Seth Godin.
  1. The Tim Ferris Show

    Of course you know the self-experimenter and best-selling author Tim Ferris and it is this fame that attracts incredible people from all walks of life. Tim’s knack for asking the right questions gives fascinating insights to the secrets of their success.

    Where to start: Episode 60 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a deep insight into a true master of life.
  1. The Joe Rogan Experience

    Joe Rogan is fucking legit. Join him in his never-ending quest for knowledge and understanding. A man who is truly on a higher level that has come about from pursuing his varied passions. Rogan never shies from the hard-hitting questions to his ground-breaking guests from comedians, martial artists, sports stars, and intellectuals.

    Where to start: Episode 310 with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an intelligent conversation about the universe that we live in.
  1. The Barbell Buddha Podcast

    Chris Moore is one-third of Barbell Shrugged and his podcast is his creative outlet. Just him, a microphone and usually a margarita or two Chris’ rants often dive deep down the rabbit hole on training, philosophy, perspective, inspiration and drugs. If you are interested in achieving more out of life let yourself be entertained by Chris.

    Where to start: Episode 68: Passion, love and life with Brian Mackenzie and Mike Bledsoe
  1. The Mind Muscle Project

    A health and fitness podcast specifically targeted to CrossFitters. Seeking out experts in nutrition, performance and business the result is an entertaining and insightful show that leaves you wanting more every week.

    Episode 8 with James ‘OPT’ Fitzgerald.
  1. The Minamilists Podcast

    Minimalism is about making room for the important things in our lives – which actually aren’t things at all. At age 30 two Aussies walked away from 6-figure corporate careers, got rid of their material possessions and started focusing on what is really important. Through a blog read by 4 million people, an up-coming documentary and now a podcast “The Minamilists” discuss their secrets to living a more meaningful life

    Where to start: Episode 1 – Declutter

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